Smart Access Technology in the Volvo XC40

Volvo takes sophistication and convenience to another level with the XC40. This highly sought-after luxury subcompact SUV is equipped with keyless technology. Instead of large and clunky keys, it has a compact wireless key FOB. We here at Sandberg Volvo Cars are excited to show you what this technology can do.

The key FOB communicates with the XC40 each time it gets near. It goes through an authentication process to ensure that you're the only one that can get in. You can keep the FOB in your pocket and unlock the door by simply touching the door handle. Once you get inside, starting the engine is as simple as placing your foot on the brake pedal and pressing a button.

Drivers in Lynnwood can also use the key FOB to open the rear liftgate without lifting a finger. There's a motion sensor under the rear bumper. Just hover your foot under the sensor and the liftgate will open automatically.



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