Lane Assistance Technology in the Volvo V90

The new Volvo V90 is a vehicle that's built to keep you safe and alert no matter where you travel. You can get this popular luxury wagon at Sandberg Volvo Cars with lane assistance technology. The Oncoming Lane Mitigation system and the Run-Off Road Mitigation system help you stay in your lane at all times.

Both systems take advantage of the vehicle's advanced cameras and sensors. They constantly collect data about your surroundings. For these particular features, they read road markings and create an invisible barrier around your lane. The Oncoming Lane Mitigation system will alert you if you start to drift into the opposite lane. It can also provide automatic steering assistance to guide you to safety.

The Run-Off Road Mitigation system works similarly. However, it will provide alerts and take action if you start to drift off the road altogether. Drivers can use these features on the highway or through Lynwood streets.



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