Belts & Hoses

Belt and hoses are a small part of what makes our vehicles run, but they’re a very important part because they all do a job. They’re small and relatively inexpensive parts that tend to be ignored until they rot or break and often cause serious damage. If you have some automotive concerns or need your belts and hoses checked, come to Sandberg Volvo Cars and let our certified technicians inspect them.

Belts and hoses play an important part in your vehicle, regardless of what their purpose. Timing belts keep crankshaft and camshaft turning, which keeps the engine running. Coolant hoses keep your engine from overheating while serpentine belts also keep the engine running. They’re all necessary and require maintenance.

Has it been a while since you had the belts and hoses checked? If so, call us or stop in at our Lynnwood shop and let us service your vehicle.



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