The safety of Lynnwood and Seattle drivers has always been important to the engineers at Volvo. It is evident in the design of every Volvo model for generations. But Volvo noticed a vulnerability in how safety tests are performed and a flaw in their results. Naturally, Volvo is at the front of the pack when it comes to fixing those flaws in its new inventory of Volvo models.

It is called the E.V.A. Initiative. Meaning Equal Vehicles for All, the initiative aims to level the playing field when it comes to driver and passenger safety. Since the 1970's, the Volvo Accident Research Team has been collecting real-world data on collisions, how they occur and the resulting injuries to victims. Here is what they discovered: Women run a higher risk of suffering a serious injury in a traffic crash, than men.

They determined this is because all crash and safety tests are conducted using male crash test designs, not women. So, vehicles are engineered and designed to accommodate potential male victims. Women are more susceptible to whiplash or chest injuries, based on equipment design, anatomy and strength. This was the result of analyzing more than 40,000 cars and 70,000 passengers.

So, what is Volvo doing to right this inequality? Besides sharing data with the car industry, Volvo designs their cars with this information in mind.

  • Seats designed with Whiplash Protection System: A seat designed with a unique head restraint that protects your head and spine.
  • Side Impact Protection System: Seat belt and side-impact airbag system reduces chest injuries by 50%
  • Inflatable Curtain Airbag: Inflate in 1/25 second and prevents head impact. Reduces head injuries by 75%

Volvo puts its driver and passenger's safety first, above all. That is why Volvo cars are engineered with state-of-the-art safety features you won't find on any other model. By sharing the information, the hope is other brands will follow suite.

You can take a good look at these revolutionary designs at Sandberg Volvo Cars in Lynnwood. Simply ask any of our knowledgeable sales team members and they will tell you everything you wish to learn about the E.V.A. Initiative. Drive safe and confident in a Volvo from Sandberg Volvo Cars.

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