Sustainability Practices at Sandberg Volvo Cars

Taking Care of our Environment at Sandberg Volvo Cars

Our environment is important, so we do all we can to take care of it. At Sandberg Volvo Cars, our commitment to green practices extends throughout every aspect of our dealership. From the way we paint the building to practices held by our staff. These methods help us run more efficiently and be a better example for Marysville to Everett communities and the entire Seattle-Tacoma area.

Making a Sustainable Dealership

Sandberg Volvo Cars is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold Certified facility. With our building's design and engineering practices, you can find a range of efficient and clean materials. Starting with an environmentally-friendly coating of paint. The carpets in our dealership are made of recycled content and have very low amounts of volatile organic compounds compared to other materials. These paint and flooring choices lead to better air quality and no hazardous chemicals throughout the entire building.

The faucets and bathroom equipment all utilize low-flow technology. This cuts our water use down by more than 40 percent. Along with water use reduction, we are also focused on lowering our carbon footprint. Our Energy Star approved LED lighting helps us achieve this goal by using far less power than standard lighting systems. When you step into our Lynnwood Volvo dealership, you will see the benefits of our green practices.

Our Environmental Practices

These environmentally-friendly practices extend through our excellent staff as well. We've gone plastic-free in the dealership by getting rid of straws and single-use plastic water cups. We're continuing looking for ways to reduce our footprint, reduce pollution and keep Washington healthy. The staff at Sandberg Volvo Cars prioritizes our community just as much as they commit to quality customer service.

Throughout our building, you can find plaques where we proudly display all the tactics we use to keep our dealership green. This commitment mirrors the level of care Edmonds drivers will get throughout their next car-buying experience. So, visit us today and work with a dealership that cares!