NEW**Schedule your service using Volvo Simplified Service**NEW

Sandberg Volvo Cars is happy to announce our new Volvo Simplified Service Scheduling.   When you create an appointment to have your car serviced you are scheduling a time with our Certified Volvo Technician.  This means if your appointment is for 10am, the technician will be waiting for you when you arrive.  Taking the car into the shop within moments.  Your time is important to us.  Just think of our new scheduling like a dentist or doctor's office.  "Your time is Your time". 

When it comes time to service your vehicle you can rely on our experience maintenance team to get the job done.  We will work quickly and efficiently to ensure you are back on the road, taking on what means the most to you.  We know that it can be stressful when your vehicle starts to make strange noises, or an unwanted light comes on, on the dashboard.  But not to worry! We want to make it hassle-free to get your vehicle serviced.  That is why you can use our online scheduling service to easily schedule a service appointment at a time that works for you. For quicker scheduling please call 888-379-8905 appointments may be available immediately.

What We Offer

You are Family to us! We are a family owned and operated Retailer. 

No matter if you need specific parts, basic maintenance, customization or an inspection we offer it all.  Our newly remodeled facility is just North of Seattle so you won't have to make a long trip to get your vehicle fixed.  We suggest servicing the car in a timely fashion, the longer you delay, the more damage can occur, ultimately taking away from the value of your vehicle as well as your safety on the road.

Our service team works hard to offer you the chance to have routine maintenance as well as unexpected repairs when needed.  No matter if it's an oil change or tire change, you can work with us with absolute confidence.  We care about you and your Volvo and want you to feel your best taking on the roads in the Northwest.

From the comfort of your desk or couch, you can make an appointment with just a few clicks.  We value our customer satisfaction and make customer service a top priority.  No matter if your vehicle is brand new or vintage we will work on it to ensure it is running like new when the time comes.