Sandberg Volvo Cars Will Buy Your Car

In partnering with KBB (Kelley Blue Book), Sandberg Volvo Cars aims to create an easy and transparent process. So, whether you just want to sell your current vehicle outright or trade towards any new Volvo luxury SUV, sedan, or wagon, your vehicle's value is a known commodity. With simple steps completed, you'll have an instant offer on your vehicle. Complete the form, or visit us at our Seattle-Tacoma dealership to get started!

The Online Blue Book® Value Tool

Armed with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or license plate, an instant value is tabulated. Given today's transparency in all things, vehicle history is attached to such simple details. Or, you may enter year, make and model, body style and mileage, and start from there.

Once tapping the "Continue" button, you'll select for the following:

  1. Choose for exterior color and transmission type.
  2. Features and equipment, seating, roof and glass and exterior accoutrements are to be selected next.
  3. Select cargo and towing packages as they relate.
  4. Wheel and tires are chosen by the menu of options pertinent.
  5. Answer "yes" or "no" regarding keys numbering more than two.
  6. Then, answer as to modifications and aftermarket accessories.

Once tapping "Next," the vehicle-history page asks all relative questions as to original ownership, accidents and other details as they may appear on CARFAX® vehicle-history reports.

You'll then be asked to rate your vehicle from all angles - exterior, interior and mechanical. Thereafter, your offer will be sent via email or phone. It's that simple.

Sandberg Volvo Cars Wants to Buy Your Car

Once value has been established, visit our local Seattle-Tacoma area dealership to complete final steps or apply the amount offered towards a pre-owned car or a new Volvo.