Volvo S90 in Seattle-Tacoma Area

Discover the Newest Volvo S90

Expect more with the 2021 Volvo S90 in the Seattle-Tacoma area. This refreshed luxury sedan is all about providing high-end technology and capability paired with a unique Scandinavian design. If you're looking for a Volvo sedan and require more cargo space and features than the Volvo S60, be sure to consider the Volvo S90. Enjoy luxury to the fullest with the 2021 Volvo S90. 

Explore the Volvo S90 Sedan

Excellent performance is a given in modern luxury vehicles around Lynnwood. However, it is only a starting point for the S90. Built with the driver in mind, the Volvo S90 comes standard with a turbocharged 316 horsepower engine. That is enough power to get you everywhere you want to go. Whether you commute daily, are visiting a friend in another state, or want to enjoy a night drive through the city or countryside, the S90 provides ample power. Spry acceleration, good road grip, and a responsive steering wheel create an unending smooth ride overall, allowing drivers to kick back and relax in any situation.

Make use of three driving modes to enhance your experience. Turn the dial to Comfort for an experience tailored to relax you after a long day at work. Choose Eco mode to soothe to optimize your fuel efficiency. Dynamic mode delivers a more thrilling, athletic ride overall.

Fuel Economy

  • Volvo S90 T6: 21 mpg city, 32 mpg highway
  • Volvo S90 Recharge: combined 60 mpg-equivalent city/highway

Sculpted Design

Discover a smoother and more elegant ride in the S90 around Marysville. This luxury sedan shines due to its Scandinavian appeal. Distinct, fresh features, like a new chrome grille, add refined elegance to your ride. Turn heads on every street you cruise down.

Choose between eight different exterior colors to better show off your unique personality. Darker colors like Onyx Black Metallic, Black stone, Thunder Grey Metallic, and Platinum Grey Metallic make a point when you roll up to the office, while lighter colors like Crystal White Metallic, Birch Light Metallic, Pebble Grey Metallic, and Bright Silver Metallic brighten up every street you drive through.

Luxury Interior and Advanced Technology

Bringing guests along for the ride? Impress them with the pitch-perfect Bowers & Wilkins speakers, placed deftly throughout the cabin to create a symphony of sounds when you play your favorite music.

Fine Nappa leather covers the cabin from head to toe and provides a new comfort level. Find ample room for passengers to stretch out in. Impress a date with the beautiful gear shifter made of Swedish crystal, which glass artisans have exclusively handcrafted.

Refinement extends to the S90's advanced suite of in-car technology around Edmonds. Download the Volvo On Call app to prepare your car ahead of time. Start up the heat or cool down your cabin, all with the press of a button. Similarly, with the help of a Volvo on-call concierge team member, you can search for a restaurant, a local store, or whatever else you need and never take your eyes off the road ahead. Ventilated seats leave drivers feeling refreshed. Take advantage of a ten-point massage to soothe your body after a particularly stressful day. Use the head-up display to stay connected to your speed, phone calls, text messages, and directions, all while keeping your eyes on the road.

Volvo S90 Safety

Feel confident on Washington state roads with the S90's suite of advanced safety technology. Park with a bird's eye view via the S90's four high-definition cameras. These cameras allow drivers to park in even the most confined space easily. Detect pedestrians, large animals, vehicles, and other obstacles in your way with intelligent driver-assist technology. Day or night, this system will warn you and help prevent imminent collisions. Take advantage of real-time data via cloud-based communication to check out what is ahead of you. This allows drivers to prepare and drive always in the know of their surroundings. With even more features to discover, there are plenty of reasons to keep your peace of mind while driving the Volvo S90.